PEP Spring 2018: Evaluation Report
PEP Spring 2018: USC-California Rehabilitation Center Creative Writing Book

PEP 2017 Fall: The Prison Education Project, International Review of Education, Abstract

PEP 2017 Spring: Calipatria State Prison
PEP 2016 Summer: Graph Theory Article

PEP 2016 Spring: Evaluation Report

PEP 2015 Spring: Evaluation Report

PEP 2014 Spring: Evaluation Report

PEP 2014 Spring: Pitzer PEP-Norco Zine
PEP 2014 Spring: Thesis Project: "An Analysis of Soccer-Based Programming in a California Prison"
PEP-Uganda 2015 Summer: Evaluation Report
PEP-Uganda 2014 Summer: Evaluation Report

PEP 2013 Fall: Evaluation Report

PEP 2013 Spring: Evaluation Report
PEP 2013: Thesis Project on PEP in the California Institution for Women
PEP 2013: Thesis Project on the PEP's Career Development Module
PEP 2012 Fall: Evaluation Report

The Reintegration Academy: Outcomes Data